Outdoor Pool Area Ideas


Creating an outdoor pool area can be exciting. It can also be scary.

Take the time before you start to do some research. This can prevent disappointing results. It can also prevent unwelcome surprises.

Start by considering practical issues.

How much is your budget? It is a wise idea to add up the cost of every feature you want to include. More than anything, this will tell you what is possible.

What is the weather usually like where you live? How many months can you count on being warm enough for outdoor swimming? This can make a big difference in your decisions.

How much space do you have? Pools come in many sizes and shapes so you’ll be able to find something that matches your yard space. There are inflatable pools of various sizes, metal frame pools, and concrete pools. Other design options might include a plunge pool, lap pool, infinity edge pool or a hot tub.

You also need to include plans for the grounds around the pool.

You may only want a simple patio or deck. You can create interesting effects when you choose different materials. Some good options are stone, wood, brick, concrete pavers, or tile. The particular building materials you use will make a big difference in looks and cost.

You can landscape a larger area of the property to create a full outdoor living space that includes a pool. Think about plants and shrubs or trees. They might be a good way to provide some shaded areas as well as privacy. Do you need a pool-house for equipment and supplies? Outdoor dining spaces are popular. And what about an outdoor kitchen? Is a fireplace or fire pit part of your dream yard? Fountains and waterfalls are nice additions.

Consider lighting choices. Light systems can be in the pool, at ground level or high over the area.

Once you make choices from all your outdoor pool area ideas, you will end up with a unique place to enjoy. It makes sense to take your time with the planning.